Show clients the value that you create.

Expert personalized data analytics for your life coaching business

Clients accept offers when they see value.

When coaches are clear in what they can deliver, clients are inspired.

Behavior Change


We identify clients’ behavior changes (thoughts/feelings/actions),

so clients are inspired by

GAINS not gaps

We show you outcomes (results),

so you show clients their transformations & their future work.

Growing your business

A coach’s value is not tied to clients’ results,

but coaches grow & develop when they sincerely evaluate their coaching.

By listening to your client, you help her grow.

By listening to you as a coach, we help you grow.

Steps to show value

1. Schedule a consultation

Meet us to determine if a deep-dive analysis is a good fit and to get your questions answered.

2. Get a Tailored Analysis Plan

Receive a custom analysis plan tailored to your clients' desired results. Our approach is driven by best research practice and behavioral theories.

3. See the transformations you create.

As we share your analysis, hone your communications with existing & future clients to show them what transformations are possible with you.

Mia Woodward MD MSc

Meet your life coach scientist :)

As a successful client of a life coach, I know what it's like to commit to life coaching. I was scared and uncertain, but my coach gave me hope.

As a life coach & a tenured clinician-scientist, my purpose is to provide coaches and clients the evidence they need to build confidence and see that life coaching powerfully transforms lives.

Let’s Do This.

Mia Woodward, MD MSc

Coaching analytics is available to coaches and clients of any background.

Private 1:1 coaching is available to women in academia and/or in medicine. Please go to link HERE


Instagram: @miawoodwardmd