A personal & thoughtful strategy to show the value of your coaching.

Let the world know that you get clients results.

Coaches will gain data-driven insights to inform coaching, develop content, & demonstrate value.

PCA's strategies are thoughtful, & aligned with coaching model and based on validated behavioral theory.

What you will get:

  • Intake, Check-in, and Exit surveys for clients

  • A seamless process to administer surveys

  • Tips to maximize survey response rates

  • One face-to-face consultation for survey design to answer questions

  • Email correspondence to clarify the process

  • Interpretation of results for each client and for the group

  • Summaries of results for marketing

  • Testimonials from clients with permission to use testimonials

  • One face-to-face consultation to discuss results

Package Options:

Weight-loss tailored content: $1000 for 30 clients and $25 each additional client

Leadership tailored content: $1000 for 30 clients and $25 each additional client

Tailored content: $2500 for customized survey (+ 15 tailored questions) for 30 clients + two face-to-face consultations with Mia Woodward MD for customization