Show clients the value that you create.

Data analytics for your life coaching business

Clients accept offers when they see value.

When coaches are clear in what they can deliver, clients are inspired.

Behavior Change

We identify clients’ behavior changes, so clients are

inspired by GAINS

& not focused on Gaps


We reveal outcomes (results), so you can show client transformations & grow your business intentionally.

Growing your business

A coach’s value is not tied to clients’ results,

but coaches grow by sincerely evaluating their program.

By listening to your client, you help her grow.

By listening to you as a coach, we help you grow.

Steps to show value

1. Purchase Packages HERE

Each package includes a survey (+ tailored questions for your niche) + an analysis + a consult with certified life coach, Mia Woodward MD.

Most coaches purchase 2+ packages: Intake + Check-ins

2. Engage your clients.

Receive your survey, distribute, and learn from your clients' responses.

Our surveys and analysis methods are driven by behavioral theories & knowledge of the coaching model. Your package includes tip sheets, timing of surveys, & best practices to optimize use.

3. Create transformations.

PCA provides an analysis and consultation. We learn together about your clients' results and gain insights. What are the results telling you?

Accessing that inner wisdom, you can choose to transform your business for existing & future clients.

Mia Woodward MD MSc

Meet your life coach scientist :)

As a certified life coach & a tenured clinician-scientist, my purpose is to provide coaches (and by proxy their clients) further evidence that life coaching powerfully transforms lives.

You sparkle.

Let's show the world.

Coaching analytics is available to coaches and clients of any background.

Questions for PCA? email

Instagram: @miawoodwardmd

Private 1:1 coaching is available to women in academia and/or in medicine. Please go to link HERE